Rector’s Letter

I hope you enjoyed the events for the Platinum Jubilee, both national and local. Locally there were a lot of things organised across these villages. I wasn’t able to be at all of them, but I enjoyed the impressive flowers in Steeple Morden church, the excellent exhibition about the 1950s in Guilden Morden church, and a great fish and chips picnic at Wendy. There were other events I know at Steeple Morden, Guilden Morden, Litlington and Abington Pigotts. A lot of effort went in to all those events.

What has been quite noticeable is how good the attendance at community events has been over recent months. It has made me think how strong the human instinct is to come together, and of course that feeling has been enhanced by our recent inability to do so. I think both the national and local events have fostered a sense of togetherness and community, which is a real blessing and beneficial to us all. This thought was reflected in The Queen’s thank you when she wrote, “I have been inspired by the kindness, joy and kinship that has been so evident in recent days, and I hope this renewed sense of togetherness will be felt for many years to come.”

I’m looking forward to the first service at the renewed All Saints church at Wendy on July 24th. Work has been going on there for several months to improve the building and the facilities. As many will know, the building doubles as a village hall, and the hope is that the improvements will encourage greater use of the building. There will be some new housing at Wendy soon too, so we hope the new residents will also be pleased to have the new facilities of the building.

I will be retiring soon, after nearly 27 years here. The years have flown by, and Kate and I will be sad to leave, but we will remember these villages with fondness. My last day “on duty” here will be Sunday 28th August. So goodbye, and God bless!  Shamus