Donating to our churches

We are very conscious at this time that there are many individuals and families who are struggling financially, with reduced income through jobs furloughed, or redundancies, as well as small and large businesses going under. We want therefore to be as sensitive as we can in asking for your financial contributions. As you may imagine, the giving for each church is heavily affected by not being able to receive cash collections at services in church. If you are able to help by setting up a standing order and/or keeping aside donations in cash to give at a later date, this would be a huge help.

Every parish in the Church of England is expected to contribute towards the costs of ministry.  These include paying the stipends of stipendiary clergy and the costs of housing them, as well as national costs such as training ordinands. These contributions by parishes do not contribute to the costs of bishops or cathedrals as they are paid for separately by The Church Commissioners. In addition, there are local costs for every parish.  Here in The Shingay Group of Parishes, this includes maintaining our historic church buildings.  Just paying for basic insurance cover for these costs many thousands of pounds each year.  Repairs to historic buildings are very expensive.  At the moment we are unable to raise funds through activities such as concerts or Fetes.

If you are a UK tax payer, Gift Aiding will greatly enhance your gift, so please contact the appropriate treasurer below to do this. Thank you.

May God bless your giving, large or small.

Our Shingay Group account pays for the expenses of the clergy for their ministry, and such things as Communion wafers and Communion wine used at services, palm crosses, photocopying for special services, books to help candidates for Confirmation etc. The account details are:
Sort Code: 60-13-08
Account No: 58834710
Account Name: Shingay Group of Parishes
Treasurer: George Lynn

Or you may prefer to give to your individual parish church.  These are:

Abington Pigotts Church:
Sort Code: 20-73-26
Account No: 50100609
Account Name: Abington Pigotts Church
Treasurer: Elizabeth Eayrs

Guilden Morden Church
Sort Code: 20-73-26
Account No: 80432253
Account Name:  Guilden Morden PCC

Litlington Church
Sort Code: 20-73-26
Account No: 50585734
Account Name: St. Catherine’s Litlington PCC
Treasurer: George Lynn

Steeple Morden Church
Sort Code: 20-73-26
Account No: 00835668
Account Name: St.Peter and St.Paul Steeple Morden
Treasurer: Peter Garner

Tadlow Church
Sort Code: 30-90-79
Account No: 01063327
Account Name: Tadlow PCC

Wendy Church
Sort Code: 20-73-26
Account No: 4093627802
Account Name: Wendy (All Saints) PCC