Month of Prayer

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have suggested using this lockdown month (November) as a month of prayer.  Many of you will be familiar with praying often already, but you may like to pray especially at 6pm each day as suggested by the archbishops.  There is material to help with this here:

Many people understandably interpret prayer to be all about intercessory prayer, which of course is a very important form of prayer. It is worth remembering though that there are others, which may be equally helpful through this period: Adoration, Praise, Confession and Thanksgiving.

And in other news…The Church of England have published the Report “Living in Love and Faith”. This has taken a long time, with a large number of people involved in producing it. This is not easily summarised as the book is 480 pages in length.  In addition there are podcasts and films to watch as well.  It may take a while just to digest it.  You can take a look at the book here: