Easter homily available on YouTube

This is an extract from our online Easter Sunday service.

We hold a simple weekly service together of readings, prayers, and (thanks to Huw Jenkins playing the organ in his house) hymns, too.  Singing hymns is something many of us have been missing.

This is held via Zoom each Sunday at 10am. If you wish to join us please email me for the link: shamuswilliams@waitrose.com

Many of you will have signed up to Zoom.  If not, you will need to do so at www.zoom.us.  If people already have Zoom installed on their device they should (once the meeting has started) be put straight into the waiting room. Assuming the user name they use doesn’t look suspicious they should then be admitted into the meeting. Their microphones will be muted and you are encouraged to leave them in this state. The singing in particular won’t work well if you leave them on. By default they will have video on but you can switch this off.  
Please ensure that no children appear on camera.  This is for safeguarding reasons, thank you.  
I look forward to joining with you in worship together soon.
Shamus Williams shamuswilliams@waitrose.com