Coronovirus Update #2

I hope you are all keeping well. If you are aware of anyone in these parishes who you think might like a phone call if especially isolated at the moment, please let me know.

For the last few days Kate and I have participated in saying The Litany online through the College where Kate works. If you would like to participate in that you are welcome to do so. Kate and I may not manage to join in this every day but hope to do so when we can. If you’re interested, you’ll need to sign up to Zoom

At 4.30pm each day, the link should be:

You’ll find the text of The Litany here:

The gospel reading for Sunday 29th March is the raising of Lazarus, which is John 11:1-45

Here’s a short reflection on that passage by Jay Cormier:

“…the raising of Lazarus is more than just a sign of Jesus’ love and compassion. Each of the seven miracles that John includes in his gospel (“The Book of Signs” as this section of John’s gospel is titled) is dramatised by the evangelist to underscore some dimension of the redemptive nature of Jesus’ work. Today’s gospel, the climactic sign in John’s gospel, plays like a rehearsal for the events that next week’s liturgies will celebrate. Lazarus’ experience prefigures the life that Jesus, the “resurrection and the life” (who will, ironically, be put to death because, in part, of his gift of life to Lazarus), will give to all who believe in him once he has been raised from the dead. The Christ who consoles Martha and Mary consoles us with the promise that death is not an end but a beginning; the Christ who raises Lazarus from his grave calls us out of the graves of bitterness and anger we dig for ourselves and to walk together in the light and promise of his resurrection; the crest who unties Lazarus’ burial cloths and wrappings frees us from fear and despair that bind us from experiencing the love of God to its fullness.”

Phrases from this have for us extra resonance: “next week’s liturgies”, for instance, when we know that sharing the liturgy in each others presence cannot happen, and “to walk together” is something we look forward to again. We are aware of every close human interaction currently that we are deprived of. Let’s offer these difficulties to the Lord, who can use all things to eventual good in ways we cannot currently grasp.

With my thoughts and prayers,


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